Meet Your Time and Billing Needs With Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter

One of the most challenging tasks lawyers face is to record the billing time. They go through end-of-the-month legal billing rush searching through legal pads scattered all over the office. There is a solution to that. Any lawyer knows today that legal apps like Rocket Matter can be a savior.

Store Your Invoices Online

With Rocket Matter, you can create all their client bills in PDF, Word, WordPerfect or Excel formats. You can always review the billing and find out the timing and amount of the bills. You can also use batch billing and get your bills out in 30 minutes. Quite a helpful aid for a lawyer.

Lawyers use sample invoices or bring your stationery, logos, and fonts. The customization features of Rocket Matter helps your clients notice your personality and professionalism.

Don’t Miss a Minute of Your Billable Time

With multiple timer feature of Rocket Matter, you can multitask and move from one task to another never missing a single minute of your billable time. You can run a timer to log your time and associate it with a matter. With the possibility to open multiple timers, you can run multiple tasks at a time. Everything from timing to invoicing is done automatically.

Make Your Taxes Manageable

One of the biggest challenges lawyers face is doing the taxes. With this app, you can define custom tax rates. Once you add a tax rate, the app will automatically calculate how much the client needs to pay. You can also use the batch billing features making your tax calculation easier than never before.

Integrate With QuickBooks

You don’t need to do extra administrative work. The app allows integration with Quickbooks online and is specifically designed for law firms. Everything from invoicing, to expenses to trust account credits and debits is done seamlessly easy.

If you are thinking about making your billable time count and spend as little time as possible on the billing task, Rocket Matter is an app to go. We tried to show you the basic benefits of this app allowing you to make the right choice among the ample number of software in the market.  Whatever choice you make, your revenue will go up with time billing software. This is something a lot of lawyers have already realized.

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