Class Action Lawsuit Against BMW for Defective Auto Start Stop System

Another major automotive class action has been filed in California this time involving BMW’s Auto Start Stop system. The defective feature is available for an extra $3,000 to $4,000 on late model 3 and 5 series. With over 1 million potentially affected vehicles and $1 billion in question this defect appears to create serious safety concerns and extensive wear-and-tear on the engines equipped with this feature.

The Auto Start Stop system is designed to cut down on fuel consumption. When the vehicle comes to a full stop, the system shots down the engine until the drives presses the gas pedal again. At that time the engine fires away again and starts automatically.

The problem that is reported by many drivers is that the vehicle either never starts or kicks into the neutral gear if it starts. Both situations can create a serious unsafe situation on the road. In addition, the misfiring and transmission related problems cause serious damage to the engine and the transmission.

What did BMW do thus fur to address this issue? In almost all cases, the service department has either reported “could not duplicate problem” on the repair documents or has disconnected the system altogether. Yes, the consumers have paid $3,000 to $4,000 for the feature that the company has initially ignored and later just disconnected and told the drivers not to use.

If you have similar problems with your BMW, Porsche, Honda or Ford vehicles, contact the law offices of Hovanes Margarian for more information. We will post more updates on the case as it goes forward.

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