Enfamil Class Action Lawsuit

Mead Johnson & Co. LLC is accused of selling the baby formula that contains life-threatening bacteria. Actually, the company is making baby formula Enfamil, which is among the best seller infant products. Furthermore, the Mead Johnson is constantly advertising that Enfamil is quite a safe formula for infants.Thus, Paulina Rodriguez is the plaintiff who filed a class action lawsuit against Mead Johnson. According to the Enfamil class action lawsuit, the infant formula was contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Sadly, it became the reason of the plaintiff’s newborn daughter’s hospitalization. Thus, Paulina Rodriguez and other consumers thought they were purchasing a safe infant product. However, it turned out that Mead Johnson is producing unhealthy and harmful baby formula. Consumers are complaining that the company’s negligent manufacturing process may have serious consequences and endanger their infants’ health.

The plaintiff also claims that Enfamil contains Cronobacter sakazakii, which is a dangerous bacterium. Paulina insists that this bacterium is responsible for her infant daughter’s illness. Rodriguez mentions in her complaint that a researcher John J. Framer III was the first to name the Enterobacter sakazakii bacterium. In addition to that, the researcher found out that there was an outbreak of the bacteria at a Tennessee hospital. Portagen, another product of Mead Johnson company caused this problem.

More details about Enfamil Class Action Lawsuit

Regarding the details of Enfamil class action lawsuit, it is worth to note that it was on Thanksgiving Day 2016 when the plaintiff found the insect in the infant formula for the first time. Rodriguez mentions that her next step was reporting the alleged contamination to the company. Here is what Mead Johnson did as a response. They just provided the plaintiff with two infant formula cans. The Enfamil class action lawsuit also notes that Rodriguez sent the contaminated baby formula to Mead Johnson.

Paulina Rodriguez points out that she had used Enfamil baby formula for many months and had no incidents. For this reason, she continued using this product but had an unpleasant surprise in less than a month. She discovered that the Enfamil baby formula contained another insect.

As a consequence, the plaintiff’s daughter became ill. Fortunately, the baby’s health condition improved later and mother took her home.


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