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Law firms use Outlook to organize contacts and their calendar. But there is a better option to Outlook. Tab3 / PracticeMaster is specifically designed for law firms. Not only can you organize your contacts and calendar but also legal matters. Let’s have a look at how PracticeMaster works.

Organize Appointments For Attorneys And Clients

You can synchronize your PracticeMaster software with Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. The app allows seeing all appointments for individual attorneys and clients. If you have common projects, you can use plan templates over and over again. But that is not everything PracticeMaster can do. You can view the appointments for any matter. With pop-up reminders, you will never miss an appointment.

The app allows law firms to identify potential conflicts of interest. You can search for clients, contacts, documents and more to identify conflicts of interest within your law firm. It will take you just one click to identify any conflict if it exists in your matters.

PracticeMaster Allows to Have One Unified List for All Contacts

You can have one unified contact list for all attorneys, witnesses, family member, opposing counsels and more and synchronize that with Outlook. The app allows storing contact information to view documents and emails for any matters related to the persons in your contact list.

You can also assemble documents automatically and store in the app linked to a client or attorney so that you can find it later easily. Moreover, you can set up follow-up reminders when necessary.

Automate Your Workflow

PracticeMaster can automatically generate documents, for example, thank you letters. With automation, you minimize the number of mistakes, and your staff will get used to new work procedures more quickly. In addition to that, reminders will not let miss anything which could be omitted if done manually.

Convert Any Activity to a Fee

Finally, you can convert any activity into a fee, and you can do that with a click of a button. This is how it is done. When you send an e-mail in Outlook, the app can automatically bill for it. The software also can track the time spent on a task and automatically bill for it. You can then view when you are billed, paid and the balance of any trust account.

When you consider making your law firm more organized, PracticeMaster is one of the apps that stand out. Relatively cheaper if you compare for example with TrialWorks, it offers a wide range of features that are specifically designed for law firms. With billing and invoicing to calendar and case management features, the app is an exceptional help for law firms.

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