T-Mobile Failed to Pay Almost $19 Million in Employees’ Wages


T-Mobile is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit alleges the defendant violated California labor law by failing to pay its workers about $19 million. It’s worth noting that T-Mobile wants to move the lawsuit to the federal court.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against the telecommunication company is Jesse B. He used to work as a field technician for T-Mobile. The plaintiff asserts the defendant failed to provide its technicians with the appropriate compensation.

The lawsuit refers to the violation of certain labor laws. To begin with, the defendant didn’t pay its technicians for the off-the-clock work. Furthermore, the telecommunication company failed to provide its employees with a meal, as well as rest breaks in a proper manner. It refers to employees who used to work ten-hour shifts. Finally, the defendant didn’t make the calculation of the overtime pay rates appropriately.

The lawsuit claims that the defendant practiced an ‘’on call’’ policy. This means that technicians had to be on standby 24-7 per week (they usually waited when they were called in). Technicians received $22.47 for a standby on a daily basis.

The plaintiff added that field technicians had to start their work any time within an entire week. In other words, they didn’t have any free time for the whole week, as they worked 24/7. However, T-Mobile paid them only $22.47 on a daily basis (until the technicians were called in).

The lawsuit notes that according to the California labor laws, the plaintiff, as well as other technicians were entitled to the following: minimum wage pay, time-and-a-half pay.

What the T-Mobile lawsuit seeks

The plaintiff seeks unpaid minimum and overtime wages, which is about $18.2 million. He is also seeking an additional million for covering meal and rest periods.

What do you know about wage and hour regulations?

Workers can rely on the protection of federal and state wage and hour laws. So, these laws aim to provide fair treatment of workers. It is also true that there are still people who don’t have the sufficient information concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA doesn’t allow employers to take advantage of workers.

In fact, there are workers who don’t have a clear understanding of their rights under the FLSA. For this reason, they fail to file wage and hour complaints. However, another situation is also most common. Some people are simply afraid to take this step, as they are afraid of losing their jobs when the employer becomes aware of it.

Filing an unpaid overtime lawsuit

Did you work for an employer in California, like T-Mobile? Do you think your employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act? Did your employer make you work overtime? In this case, you have two options. You can either join a wage and hour class action or file your own unpaid overtime lawsuit.


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