Amazon & T-Mobile to Face Class Action for Facebook Advertising Policy

Class Action

Dozens of Facebook users over the age of 40 intend to file a class action against a number of US major companies for excluding them from seeing certain U.S. job opportunities. The class action can refer to millions of potential 40+ Facebook users., T-Mobile US and Cox Media Group are in the list of companies to be sued in an age-discrimination lawsuit in San Jose federal court.  Facebook Inc. is not sued. Lawyers for Amazon, T-Mobile and Cox labeled the class action as “vague” and “subjective’’, claiming they will fight the plaintiffs’ effort to certify a class.

On the other hand, the Communications Workers of America and three named plaintiffs argue the defendants discriminated against older job applicants by targeting ads exclusively to younger users. The lawsuit includes claims under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act as well as California state laws.

Facebook’s advertising strategy has long been criticised by U.S. lawmakers. For instance, Facebook and the companies that use the platform were previously sued for dozens of age-bias allegations with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Last week Facebook agreed to make changes in its advertising policy to resolve a discrimination investigation led by Washington attorney general. Consequently,  the company removed the ability of advertisers to exclude certain protected groups, including ethnic and religious minorities, from seeing ads.

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