What are My Basic Consumer Rights in California?

Consumer rights

Every human being is a potential consumer. He/she has a right to get safe goods and quality service, to receive a friendly treat and get effective solutions to the issues regarding the purchase. Consumer rights are as important as human rights and sometimes they even stand on the same level.

Realizing the core of consumer rights

Getting consumer rights protection is not only about getting a good deal on a new car or else. It is mainly about a right to have an access to at least basic things a human being needs to live, i.e. food, shelter, safe drinking water etc. Consumer rights should make you feel sure that for example, your new TV set will not break down after several months. Moreover, while driving your car will not break down and will keep you safe and sound. The data you provide online as a consumer remains safe in servers and you don’t face consumer fraud.

Consumer rights in California

In fact, consumer rights refer to a set of activities which the good manufacturer must do to protect its customers from injury or loss. Let’s take a look at the basic consumer rights:

  • Safety right- the consumers should be sure that the goods they purchase are safe while using
  • The right of information- the producer of goods or services should provide certain information to the consumers to help them make the purchase decision.
  • Consumer’s right of choice- there should be alternatives for the consumer to choose among
  • The right to be heard- in case of any violations the consumer should be sure that the government will provide certain statutes and administrative regulations to protect them

Class action lawsuit

When you think that your consumer rights are violated it is worth filing a class action lawsuit when you find out that the same breach caused damages to other consumers as well. In such lawsuits, you as a victim appear in the court as a plaintiff while the manufacturer as a defendant. If you have a clear fact of other consumers’ loss, you may collectively represent them in the proceedings. When the violation of your consumer rights results in personal injury, here things become even worse for the defendant. Consequently, personal injury law states that:

“plaintiff initiates class action suits to demand compensation for a group of people who suffered injuries. The defendant carries all the responsibilities…”

What cases prevail

While searching for ongoing class action lawsuits, I came across to such class actions which refer to pharmaceutical drugs, credit card fraud, dangerous and/or unhealthy products etc. It may happen that a certain type of drug causes some sickness to a group of people. In such cases, they can join together in a class action suit against the drug’s manufacturer to protect their consumer rights. Internationally known products caused injury to the consumer are the Talcum Powder, Johnson’s Baby Powder Lawsuit, Walmart etc. According to the plaintiff’s claim, some women suffered cancer because of the mentioned powders. While in the case of Walmart, the consumers faced “rollback” pricing.

Consumer law

Actually, like any other legal regulations, consumer law also differs from state to state. Nevertheless, the core concept of the phenomenon remains the same:

A state or federal law designed to protect consumers against improperly described, damaged, faulty, and dangerous goods and services as well as from unfair trade and credit practices.

Both state and federal laws regulate the consumer law. They not only aim to prohibit false advertising but also to impose product safety measures through protecting consumers’ personal data. It may happen, that the consumer rights violation cause serious losses or damages like an online scam, purchasing defective products, etc. These result that the consumer needs legal help. In such cases, you should contact your attorney for literate support.

In addition, we should say that in the majority of cases consumer law focuses on civil remedies.  The issues mainly are covered by civil laws and regulations. Nevertheless, there may be criminal cases on the breach of consumer rights as well. Such cases may be criminal misconduct, such as fraud or embezzlement.

No matter the amount of the loss. When you face even a slight breach of your consumer rights, don’t hesitate to stand for them. Your consumer rights are the part of your human rights! Say no to their breach…




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