CosmoLex: a Law Practice Management Software


If you need practice management software for billing and tracking expenses, CosmoLex is for you. It is best for solo and small law firms that want robust accounting with document management all in one place. You don’t need to maintain multiple programs and no QuickBooksTM is required. The app will help you with time and expense tracking, email and document management, and secure client communication. It has a wide array of excellent features. Read the info below to discover some of the highlights.

Automated Legal Billing

With CosmoLex you can track time and expense at the moment. Not a single moment of your billing time will be lost and fair accounting will be maintained for lawyers and clients. Studies show that those who use an automatic app for time tracking reap higher profits and have more cash flows. This app is one of the solutions that allows law firms to increase their profit margin.

Practice Management

The app covers document management, email management and several other practice management features that help law firms to be on track and spend less time on administrative tasks. Good for accounting, it is also valuable for practice management and easy solutions for your practice. It is one of the most secure client management portals where all your communication is 100 % safe. Due to the multiplicity of its features, it allows you to run your law firm in one app without shifting to different programs.


When using the accounting features of CosmoLex, you don’t need any other accounting software like QuickBooksTM.  It is the best for legal accounting allowing all billing and invoicing in one place. When you use separate programs for your legal accounting, you face a lot of challenges that are easily solved with this app.

Standard LawPay $20 Monthly Fee for Active Users

Your clients can now use a credit card to make payments which makes things much more manageable. CosmoLex will also cover the standard LawPay $20 monthly fee for active users. The invoicing and daily reconciliations features of CosmoLex makes things a lot easier.

You can have a free trial version of this app and see if it works for your firm. To manage your law practice professionally, CosmoLex is an excellent option to consider.

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