What Questions to ask to Your Divorce Lawyer?

questions to ask the divorce lawyer

It is always difficult to fill in a divorce form.

But before making a decision to file divorce papers, you should find someone who is experienced in divorce cases.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer for your divorce is the most important part of the case.

Then you should communicate with the lawyer to know exactly who he/she is, how many cases he/she ran and how he/she is going to help you.

Here are the most important questions you should prepare to ask the lawyer.

What is a retainer fee for a lawyer?

When you find a lawyer who is going to take your case, first of all, you should ask him/her about the fees. It is important to know this beforehand. Then you can decide if this lawyer fits or not. And, of course, you should know when to pay the lawyer.

What does the lawyer think about your case?

After studying your case the lawyer may advise you go to trial or settle. In many cases, people just settle by agreement. This might be the best option in some cases such cases like the couples have already come to an agreement. But there are also cases, when going to trial may be the best solution, especially in the cases of domestic violence.

How often to meet a divorce lawyer?

It’s important to know how often you should go to your lawyer’s office to plan your week in advance.

Where to file for divorce?

Is it important to file for divorce in the country you registered your marriage? If you registered your marriage in one country, and now you live in another one, you should ask if there are any requirements to get divorced in the country you live in now. It is important to know where you are eligible to file for divorce.

What to expect from the process?

Ask the lawyer to present you with the case step-by-step. A good divorce lawyer will have you well prepared on what to expect from the trial and what to say during the process.

What to do if you change your mind?

There are cases when couples change their minds and make a decision not to get divorced. In this case what should you do? Should you fill in another form, or pay a fine?

Can you communicate with the spouse?

The answer to this question may help you to know how to behave during the trial. There may be cases when it is better to keep silent and let the lawyer speak.

So, there are more questions to ask the divorce lawyer but the principal ones are mentioned above. It is very important to talk to the lawyer beforehand to know your rights, to know how to behave during the trial and what to expect from it.


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