Kaiser HMO – The Insider Truth You Will Hate to Learn

Our health is something that is very dear to all of us. We are looking for the best and the brightest when we select insurance companies, insurance policies, hospitals or physicians to take care of our health. While most medical doctors are well trained and really care about us, the patients, business often interferes with receiving proper and even ethical medical treatment! Unfortunately, hospitals and companies like Kaiser streamline their business processes and turn healthcare into an assembly line.

Placing profits and special interests first can never be a good thing in the medical profession. Here are the ways Kaiser and several others have been known to serve their financial interests first and then care about the health of the patients.

15 Minutes Max Per Patient

Kaiser limits the doctors’ time with any given patient to maximum 15 minutes. Yes, you cannot talk to your doctor for more than 10 minutes, since the doctor needs at least 5 minutes to him/herself to complete your chart, tell you what to do and write a prescription or make the proper referral. 15 minutes!!! I remember visiting a Buick factory once, the assembly line employees had the same time limitations. They had x seconds to install a door or y minutes to test a feature!

Preset Medication List

Kaiser does not give the doctor the freedom to subscribe desired medication. They have pre-arranged agreements with different companies. When a doctor thinks this or that medication is the best for the given patient, that medication better be on Kaiser’s list. If it’s not the patient cannot have it. It is like a set menu at busy restaurants on Valentine’s day! While this practice does not make the process go faster like it does in the restaurants, it definitely helps their earnings. Financial interests should not dictate the kind of medication a patient receives! But Kaiser does not care about that!!!

Contracted Doctors

Kaiser uses “contract” doctors who are “moonlighting” and are not permanent staff. While they are still highly trained physicians, for the most part, this means you see different doctors every time you go for a checkup. Some people may not mind this practice, but I personally do. I want a doctor who knows me, who has seen me before, who knows what medications I am taking and so on. Seeing a regular doctor decreases the chances of misdiagnoses and prescribing wrong or conflicting medications!

I will continue my investigation into Kaiser’s practice. Any new findings or replies from Kaiser will be published here!

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