Woman Sues Starbucks for $5M Over Too Much Ice in Its Drinks

Woman sues Starbucks for $5M over too much ice in its drinks. The claim asserts that Starbucks is intentionally deceiving clients into paying for more coffee than they are given.

Starbucks is a known favorite among the coffee drinkers of the United States and not only. With the recent exposure, the brand has become very popular among its European consumers as well. The company serves nearly 50 million customers weekly, trying to maintain the high quality of its products and their customer service.

However, a woman from Illinois, United States, speaks up about Starbucks’ rig and sues the company for $5 million. She claims that Starbucks is deceiving its customers. It has recently come to her attention that the company misrepresents the size of iced coffees by overloading them with ice. Allegedly, the amount of ice in coffee is exceeding the liquid of the drink. This way the amount of ice fakes the size and the shape of the drink, making it seem as big as it is advertised. Hence, the consumers pay twice the price for an iced coffee and get less. The suit states, “Starbucks is advertising the size of its cold drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive … and deceiving its customers in the process.” 

Moreover, the complaint states that Starbucks makes more money out of their cold drinks rather than the hot ones. The class action against Starbucks gathered a group of people who have purchased a cold Starbucks beverage in the course of the recent years. They have quite a few allegations against the company, including misrepresentation, false advertising, and fraud. Starbucks has responded stating that their clients comprehend that ice is a key part of any “iced” beverage, closing the article with the hashtag “#FirstWorldProblems.”

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