A Class Action Lawsuit Against Quaker Oats: Not so Natural After All

After testing found traces of the pesticide glyphosate in some oatmeal, the consumers of California and New York are filing a lawsuit against Pepsico, the owner of Quaker Oats. Glyphosate is a widely used and a very popular pesticide around the world. In 2015, the World Health Organization listed glyphosate as a “probable” carcinogen.

A group of consumers accuses Quaker Oats Company of false advertising. The lawsuit might be certified as a class action. Kim Richman, the head lawyer representing plaintiffs, stated that the lawsuit is not about the amount of the glyphosate found in the Quaker products. It is about the false advertising and marketing conducted by the company. The consumers claim that the company does not stand by their marketed slogan, and the products are not 100 percent natural.

The company claims that the oats used in Quaker products are grown in an environmentally responsible way. The suits filed in Federal District Courts in New York and California state that the claims made by Quaker are false and misleading. In a statement against the accusations, the Quaker Oats Company said that it did not include the pesticide glyphosate during the processing procedure. Moreover, they stated that the received oats were put through a rigorous cleansing process. This leaves a low possibility for the pesticide glyphosate to remain the product. The amount of the pesticide that can be traced in the oats has been set by the E.P.A. as to be safe for human consumption. An independent Californian lab took the responsibility to do the testing of the Quaker products using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, a technique popularly used by medical and chemical labs and pharmaceutical research.

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