Preparing for a Divorce – What Women Have To Do

Most of the time a divorce is not a surprise to any of the parties involved. Most of the time the party that approaches the divorce process or the possibility of the divorce with too many emotions ends up with being hurt the most, financially that is. Before you continue reading it, please keep in mind that although I respect you as a reader, this is not a sympathetic article – this is a “reality-check” one.

As I have mentioned the signs of divorce usually show up months to years before any legal actions are taken by any one of the couple. As time goes on the probability of a divorce just goes up and the ignorance of those facts hinders a woman’s clear vision. Now matter how hard the process is, here are several steps that every woman, regardless of an eminent divorce threat or without one, should take for HER OWN GOOD!

Woman’s Financial Independence

Can you support yourself financially is you are divorced or if your husband suffers serious injuries or just passes away? Do the numbers. Can you afford yourself the basic necessities of life? If you have any children – can you care for all of their needs?

Your Personal Credit

Do you and your husband have each other as a co-signer on all or some of your accounts? If the answer is yes and you have been together for several years, you might want to reconsider that. Separate the accounts for your own future financial security and legal liabilities.

Job Security

All of this is not easy, but you have to be prepared.


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