When to Claim Compensation for Work-Related Back Injury

Back injuries, such as fractured vertebrae, sprain or herniated disc, are the most common work-related injuries in the US and across the world. There are guidelines and rules in place to secure employees from injuries, and if employers ignore them, they risk facing severe penalties.

Employers are due to make sure personnel is clearly taught work safety rules and practices, including how to lift something as well as lifting limits for women and men. However, it doesn`t mean that employees are released from responsibility for finding out the information and putting it into practice.

Who is most likely to get work-based back injury?

We should include nurses in the list of those at risk, as they have to lift patients every day. You should expect office workers to top this list. Bad posture usually entail problems with back.

Major part of employees spend hours sitting at the computers thus putting their health at danger.
If an employee got a work-related injury, he may be entitled to compensation. However, before seeking reimbursement benefits, you should prove that your illness or injury is work-based. Only in case you became ill or got injury when working for the benefit of your employer, you are eligible for compensation, which can cover

• Medical expenses
• Vocational rehabilitation
• Temporary or permanent total disability benefits

Injured employees may encounter difficulties while attempting to prove that they got work-related illnesses and back injuries as such kind of problems often develop over time and it`s not easy to pinpoint to a concrete work-related activity. As a result, employers and insurers often dispute that a back injury was sustained on the job.

Let us describe different situations and find out when employee is entitled to compensation.

Lunch Breaks

If you sustained an injury on your lunch break, you are not entitled to workers` compensation. Yet, if you were also bringing lunch for your chief, chances are the injury may be covered. If the cafeteria, where you were having lunch is on the company`s premises, then you can be entitled to reimbursement either.


If you are nоt a travelling salesperson or an employee on a business trip, then you can`t claim compensation for injuries sustained while commuting to or from work.

Company Events

Companies very often organize special events, like picnics or parties, for better interaction with employees. If you got an injury during one of such events, you can claim compensation.


Employees, which sustained injuries in while doing something not allowed by the employer or because of breaking safety rules may still claim for compensation depending on the level of their misconduct.

If you have suffered from a back injury at work, consult your attorney to find out your legal rights.

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