Law Firms Automate Their Work With Zapier


Administrative work takes a lot of time from lawyers. A lot of law firms spend hours doing the hard work of administrative tasks taking away much of their time that they could use otherwise. But many lawyers today try something different. They use automation. While automation is not a solution to all your problems, it can carry the administrative load relieving stress and unnecessary hard work. Lawyers today use Zapier to free some time for client service and other significant tasks. Automation with Zapier works cool in a number of senses.


Automate Your Communication With Zapier

No matter how hardworking you are, there is a limit to how many emails you can send per day. You can create cards and trigger an action when card updates. In other words, you can create Zaps that will automate part of your legal business.

You can use multi-step Zap connecting to multiple applications. A lot of law firms now automate customer communication without sacrificing the caseload. This is especially true when you use Trello for project management or use Gmail to send emails. You can build a template from case information in Trello and pre-written scripts in Google Sheets.


Use Single Form to Calculate, Create and Send Estimates

When you work at a law firm, you want every minute to count. Instead of entering information and making estimates each time, you can create multi-step Zaps. The first one watches for a new submission in Typeform. You can send them to WebMerge which is an app to collect and populate documents. WebMerge adds data to an Excel sheet and runs the calculation. Once the system creates a new estimate, the Zap saves that file to Google Drive. It then finds the related contact and sends the contact an email with the estimate.


How Does Zapier Work?

A Zap is a blueprint for a task that you do over and over again. In other words, you instruct the system to do “task A every time B happens”. The first part is an Action and the second part is the Trigger.

An example may be “when I get a new entry from Firm X, create a new lead”. Zapier checks your triggers every minute and automatically performs an action for you.

Law firms appear in an advantages position when using Zapier. They spend less time on more mundane tasks having more time for the caseload. They also spend less billable hours on administrative personnel. Zapier may become your go-to backend tool!

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