Work Product Management for Law Firms: iManage


The legal business is rapidly changing. Clients expect to see new ways of servicing matters and most importantly they don’t want to pay a too high price for the new services. iManage is a legal solution to these demands.

iManage Work Product Management

iManage is a leader in work product management in the legal market. Today, more than 1800 law firms and more than 400 legal departments use the software. The app allows everything from document management, to file sharing, knowledge management, record management and more. These enable the attorneys to be better informed of the whole matter process making real-time decisions and involving relevant personnel into the actual business.

Unified Electronic Matter File

With iManage, attorneys can manage all matter-related content and communication in a unified electronic matter file. The app is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and can be viewed on mobile devices and a web browser. Everyone starting from attorneys and finishing with legal assistants have a real-time view of the matter.

Apply Governance Policy Based on Client

The system automatically applies the governance policy adopted by the law firm to the client, matter or practice area. It also offers records management fully integrated with the electronic matter file. By doing so, the app allows reviewing all records in a single space without the need to copy information out to a separate record system.

Both On-Premise and Cloud-Based

One of the advantages of the app is that it can be deployed on-premises or delivered as a cloud service. The access to the functionalities is done on a monthly subscription basis. When you store a document, you can apply many properties and metadata to it.

Must-Have App

Being a leader in the industry, this app is a must-have software package for legal firms. It is a rather popular app covering more than 3000 organizations worldwide. Law firms can manage their matters easily and fast without creating confusion in their legal business. What is more important is that the app allows saving time and money for businesses as manual document classification costs too high. This is why a lot of companies turn to the power of iManage’s artificial intelligence to streamline their document management. You can access critical information from anywhere – even offline. If you are a law firm that looks for an easy solution to matter management, consider this app as one of the best solutions in the legal market.

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