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We encounter legal issues almost every day in our life. And it doesn’t need to be a horrific story. A simple act of going to shop or paying your bills involves a lot of legal matters. Talks on Law is a trusted portal where experts share their insights in an accessible way. You don’t need to be a legal professional to watch Talk on Law videos. These videos are informative and useful for an average citizen like you and me.

Talks on Law Targets Not Only Legal Professionals

When it started, Talks on Law targeted only legal professionals. It was designed as an educational tool where lawyers could have access to legal titans. If you are a lawyer, click here to watch informative videos by legal experts like John Morley, Deborah Denno, Kate Shaw, Lee Rowland.

TOL still serves the information and educational needs of lawyers, but the portal has also expanded to include short and entertaining videos. You can find info ranging from police power to financial regulations, from cryptocurrency to new technology.

The fun part about TOL videos is that you can watch them on the go on your mobile. The talks on TOL are CLE and MCLE accredited and are available to watch for free. You can watch videos in categories like technology and privacy, sports law, crime, and vice. The app has also recommended a category based on your previous search, currently trending talks and interviews that qualify for CLE category by your state. The app has also download function so that you can watch the videos offline.  

What Makes Talks on Law Exceptional?

There are several things that make this portal a unique source of legal information.

First, experts talk on cutting-edge topics. You may have encountered these topics in your life or the news, but explanations by experts make you truly understand the topic.

Second, TOL videos are entertaining. You don’t want those boring law class lectures. Experts talk in an entertaining and accessible manner so that the time you spend is far from being boring.

Third, you gain access to world-class experts. You can meet here leading experts from top law schools, eminent judges and a lot of practitioners.

Finally, the portal is mobile and tablet friendly. You can watch TOL videos from anywhere, even when you are exercising in the gym.

If you want to learn while resting, Talks on Law is the right app to use. The app is available for iOS users for free. Enjoy!

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