Live Nation will pay $1.1 Million in an Employment Class Action

employment class action

The entertainment giant Live Nation will have to pay $1.1 million in order to settle the allegations in an employment class action. The suit states that the defendant failed to provide 1,500 parking and traffic employees from California with breaks.

It was in September 2015, when Live Nation faced a class action lawsuit. The plaintiff who filed it is Lee Webster. She used to work as a traffic controller at the entertainment company’s Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. It’s worth noting that she and her parking lot colleagues had to work without the opportunity of having breaks and meals. The court records show the parties succeeded in finding the solution and this resulted in signing a memorandum of understanding.

Terms of the employment class action settlement

Thus, according to the employment class action settlement, the above-mentioned sum of money will cover costs and fees related to the litigation process. Regarding the rest of the funds, they will be distributed to all the class members. The distribution process will occur taking into account the number of hours that a class member worked within the class period. In addition to that, the net recovery for each class member is average $421.55.  Furthermore, if any sum of money from checks isn’t cashed after 180 days, these funds will be divided between the Katherine & George Alexander Community Law Center and Lambda Legal.

The employment class action settlement says Webster can also look for an extra award of $20,000. It’s essential to point out that the class refers to any nonexempt employee who used to work or currently works for the entertainment company in California from September 28, 2011, till now.

About Live Nation

Live Nation is an American giant entertainment company. The formation of the company occurred through the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Live Nation currently benefits from having booking rights, as well as equity interests in many American entertainment venues. The merger, which formed Live Nation faced the opposition by the U.S. Congress, business competitors and Computer and Communications Industry Association as well. Among its members are Google, Oracle, Yahoo, etc.

Regarding Live Nation’s leadership team, it’s relevant to mention Greg Maffei, who is the chairman.  Michael Rapino is the CEO and the president. The company’s main activities include promoting live events, like advertising and ticketing.  It was in October 2016, when this popular entertainment company purchased AC Entertainment, located in Tennessee.


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