How to decide If I need a Lawyer

There are numerous types of legal issues in the case of which you might need the help of a lawyer. You may need a lawyer if you have been harassed in the workplace, suffered personal injury, are going to divorce, are going to sell a commercial real estate and so on, so forth.

It is advisable that you consult a lawyer’s help before the issue has arisen, this, of course, does not refer to such cases as car accidents or lemon law claims and so on. The lawyer is the person who will help you evaluate the situation and keep you away from big problems.

Some common cases where the help of a lawyer may be needed are:

  • The sale or rent of a house, real  estate, or a business
  • Sexual or any other kind of discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Wrongful work termination
  • Age discrimination in the workplace
  • Divorce, child custody issues
  • Personal injury
  • Starting or closing a business
  • Estate planning, writing a will
  • An arrest or being accused of committing a crime
  • Immigration to another country
  • School bullying
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Elder abuse and much more

There are, of course, cases where self-representation may suffice to resolve the issue. You may resolve the minor legal issue by just writing a letter or negotiating with the opposing party. However, in the cases similar to the cases mentioned above, you may need a skillful attorney.

If you have been involved in any of the above mentioned legal issues, then you should contact an experienced lawyer for legal help. For different legal issues you may need different lawyers, for example if your vehicle is exhibiting non-conformities and fails to operate in a way indicated in its written warranty, in other words, if your vehicle is defective, then you may need a lawyer who deals with Lemon Law cases (Lemon Law lawyer).

The lawyer will evaluate your case and determine your chances of winning in the court. If it turns out that your costs outweigh your possible benefits, then there is no need to file a claim.


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