Connect Your Team With the Best Collaboration Hub: Slack


The market is full of various apps today. As a user of Slack, I cannot imagine a more useful app for team collaboration than this app. It makes the company work even if your employees work remotely. Slack is a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is shared. This is an app that can be used by any company, be that legal, accounting or IT. Here are some of the features that make Slack valuable.

Group Conversations into Teams

With Slack, you can create groups for conversations and each member will get messages posted on that group. You can divide channels by groups, project, clients and more. This feature allows me to be updated on specific information that is relevant to my profession. I don’t get useless details from other members and keep track of the data that I use during my work.

Collaborate Even with Your Clients

You can chat or share information even with your clients or colleagues outside of your company. The communication is fast and much more comfortable than email and maybe even more convenient than a phone call. This feature is especially useful for sales and marketing teams although law firms and financial institutions also use it significantly.

Make a Video Call

You can make a voice or video call directly from Slack. Sometimes you need in-person conversation and this it is so convenient that you don’t need to shift to another program like Skype or Viber to make a video call. All are in one app. No more shifts of attention and no more destructions. You can enjoy all these features without even changing the apps.

Document Sharing

When you have Slack, you don’t have to worry about document sharing like PDFs, images, videos, and other files. This means even if you don’t have another document sharing app, Slack will do the work for you.

Slack Integration

Slack can integrate with over 1500 apps, including Google Drive, Eventbot, Kyber, Productboard and more. For more information on Slack integration, click here.

Your work life will become much more comfortable with these and other features of Slack. It is one of the best apps to keep your team on track and keep communication on top level. Try it if you want less stress in your work life.

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