Tesla Model X Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Tesla Model X is facing a class action lawsuit for an alleged defect related to sudden unintended acceleration (SUA). According to the complaint, the ratio of sudden unintended acceleration events for Tesla is much higher than the one for other vehicles. Even the reported Toyota vehicles had lower SUA ratio.

According to the plaintiff, Mr. Son, Tesla Motors designed its car to accept an instruction to accelerate full speed into a wall. Son’s camera in his Tesla recorded how he was trying to pull his Model X into the garage. However, the vehicle has suddenly accelerated and as a result, it has crashed through the garage wall into the living room. Mr. Son and his passenger have got injuries due to this.

According to Son’s attorneys, though Tesla has been marketing Model X as one of the smartest and safest, the car fails to be safe enough. Tesla Model X was said to have been engineered to know it is at home, open the garage doors and pull in or out without a problem. However, as Son’s case shows, the vehicle has gone full speed into the garage either due to driver error or some electronic malfunction.

Tesla announced in a statement that it had conducted a “thorough investigation” of what happened. They are blaming Mr. Son for pressing on the gas pedal. Tesla spokesperson said that evidence, including data from the car, show that the crash was caused by Mr. Son pressing the accelerator pedal to 100%. Tesla Motors said that the vehicle is equipped with protections against any unexpected pedal application within its autopilot feature.

Many would remember the amazing dashcam footage where Tesla foresaw a dramatic crash before it took place. This happened due to Tesla’s autopilot system. Hopefully, the class action settlement will help understand whether the autopilot mode is an adequate substitute for safe driving or not.

Son’s attorneys are submitting a letter to the NHTSA this week. They think that the NHTSA should open an investigation into the model’s defects that could lead to SUA. Richard McCune of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, and Benedict Kwon of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, P.C. are representing the plaintiff.

Legal Help

If you think that you or a loved one possesses a defective vehicle, turn to a lawyer. An experienced Lemon law lawyer in your case might be able to help you understand whether you own a lemon or not. If so, you might be eligible for reimbursement for the sufferings you have gone through.

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