Apple Plans Three New iPhones, One May Have Three Rear Cameras

New iPhones

According to The Wall Street Journal report, Apple will come up with three new iPhone models this year, including a successor to the XR. The report says the tech giant’s new phones will include new camera features. They will come with higher-end model fitted with a triple rear camera and lower-end models that will come in a dual rear camera. This is an attempt to activate the smartphone market that is experiencing a slowdown among all manufacturers as consumers upgrade less often. The new models will include a successor to XR that has fallen short sales expectations, sources say.

Apple is lagging behind of other manufacturers, like Huawei and LG that already have devices with three cameras. Samsung also released Galaxy A7 that has triple rear camera setup. With this new marketing effort, Apple tries to offer more consumer-friendly photography features. Consumers can enjoy telephoto close-ups and improved blurred backgrounds. According to the
Journal, Apple is dropping LCD displays altogether. Instead, it is trying to use phones that contain organic light-emitted diode displays (OLED). These displays make images brighter and sharper than LCD panels.

Although Apple disagrees that it is giving up more space to other manufacturing giants,  these agents are gaining more space, especially in greater China. “Since we began shipping the iPhone XR,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “it has been the most popular iPhone every day, every single day, from—when we started shipping, until now.”

The market is displaying interesting transformations with new manufacturing giants taking the lead. We have no reports on the sales of iPhones and Ipad so far for Apple, so it is not clear how many iPhone XRs are sold since October 2018.

It will be interesting to see how the company struggles for its leading place in the phone market. At this point, reports say that the company is removing some of the features to cut costs. For example, Apple may remove 3D Touch from all iPhones. In case iPhone gets rid of 3D Touch on all models, it may shift to Haptic Touch like it currently uses on iPhone XR. In the meanwhile, XR device will stay in the market until at least 2020.

We expect to see a year of transformations in the mobile phone market as Apple will do everything to maintain its leading role in the industry.

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