Burger King Facing a Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit

nationwide class action

Burger King is facing a nationwide class action. The suit accuses the fast food chain of violating Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). That’s to say, the complaint notes the company is printing too many credit card digits on customers’ receipts.


In fact, the plaintiff is Ryan D. Gesten who filed a nationwide class action. Thus, the suit states the sales receipts of the company contain the first six, as well as the last four digits of a consumer’s credit card. In this way, the fast food chain makes its customers vulnerable to becoming a victim of identity theft. According to the complaint, this is a violation of customer privacy.

It’s interesting to note that Burger King had such experience previously as well. That’s to say, the company faced FACTA class action lawsuit in the past.

In addition to that, the suit claims that Burger King knew about this. That’s to say, the company had the information that it wasn’t allowed to print more than the last five digits of a consumer’s credit card.

The nationwide class action asserts Burger King accepts credit and debit cards from all the major issuers. Well, it is true that merchants dealing with such companies have to follow certain requirements. This also includes FACTA’s redaction and truncation requirements.


The nationwide class action notes it was in June when the plaintiff received a sales receipt at a Burger King located in Miami. Additionally, he says the receipt contained essential information concerning his credit card.

It included the method of payment, as well as card brand, time of the transaction, etc. Gesten concluded that because of this data, he may become a victim of identity theft.

Moreover, the nationwide class action claims the company’s actions are indeed reckless. The reason is that both its workers, as well as other individuals may access this information.

According to the information provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2015 the greatest number of complaints concerning the fraud was made by Florida residents. Additionally, there were also a huge number of complaints related to identity theft in Florida (third highest), as the complaint states.

It’s also essential to point out that it is not the first time that Burger King faces a class action lawsuit over violations of FACTA. Consumers from Florida and Wisconsin filed the lawsuits against the Burger King in 2008 and 2011.


What lawsuit seeks

The nationwide class action lawsuit is seeking to represent a class of any person, who used his/her credit or debit card to buy a Burger King and received a sales receipt, which contained more than the last five digits of the card number (or the card’s expiration data).


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