Burger King Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Burger King is facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit. The suit alleges the fast food chain of deceiving consumers with its ‘’buy one, get one’’(BOGO) coupon. Usually, with BOGO coupons, consumers are thought to pay the original price for one sandwich to receive the second one free of charge. However, a consumer states that Burger King is increasing the price of the first item. This means that a consumer doesn’t purchase two sandwiches for the price of one. Actually, the lawsuit is accusing Burger King of violating Maryland, as well as Virginia, and Washington D.C. consumer protection laws. The case claims the fast food chain’s  BOGO scheme is indeed fraudulent and misleading.

Who filed class action lawsuit against Burger King?

Koleta Anderson is the consumer who filed a lawsuit against Burger King. As a matter of fact, attorneys William N. Sinclair and Steven D. Silverman of Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White LLC, and Stuart A. Davidson, Christopher C. Gold, Alexander D. Kruzyk and Roxana Pierce of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP are representing the plaintiff.  The plaintiff complains that she used BOGO coupon hoping to purchase two sandwiches paying for one item. However, in her complaint, Anderson notes that actually ‘’she didn’t pay for one sandwich and received two.’’  She spent more money, that’s to say, the fast food restaurant increased the price of the first sandwich. The plaintiff assures that King Burger is deceiving consumers.

The complaint mentions that Anderson used BOGO coupons during April 2017. She presented these coupons at locations in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. The plaintiff expected to buy two Croissan’wiches paying the original price for one item. She adds that she experienced disappointment, as she had to spend more money than expected.

In addition to that, Anderson’s counsel carried out an investigation in Florida concerning Burger King’s deceptive BOGO offer. The case also mentions that the fast food chain doesn’t limit its BOGO promotion to Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The case accuses Burger King, which has over 15000 restaurants of stealing a lot of money from hard-working American consumers.

What is the class action lawsuit seeking?

King Burger’s class action lawsuit is seeking to represent three classes.  The first class action lawsuit seeks to represent those individuals who bought a Croissan’wich in Maryland with BOGO coupon. The second one is seeking to represent any person, who purchased a Croissan’wich using a BOGO coupon at the District of Columbia, while the third one refers to any person who used BOGO coupon to purchase a Croissan’wich  in Virginia.



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