The 8 Most Dangerous Construction Site Injuries

As construction sites are extremely busy, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of injury cases which occur there every year. The number of construction site injuries in the US is diminishing although most of them do comply with the OSHA regulations, intended to minimize the risks of such injuries. Today we will take a closer look at some of the more common injury risks, involved with construction sites:

1. Falls from heights – They make up ⅓ of the fatalities on construction sites. Incorrectly erected scaffolding, not well-secured ladders, open sides and floor holes, unguarded steel bars are just a few of the main factors contributing to such accidents. By law, scaffold erection must be overseen by a competent specialist before construction works begin. Quite often, however, this is not done.

2. Falling objects – All manner of heavy equipment and tools can unexpectedly fall from above. Unfortunately, a helmet cannot fully protect a construction worker from all of them. If a construction area has not been correctly fenced off, for instance, or a heavy object falls from a crane which reaches beyond the scope of the site, passers-by can also be hit accidentally.

3. Trenching accidents – The risk of fatality to construction workers in trenching and excavation sites is considered up to one and a half times higher than in any other area.

4. High voltage exposure – Workers exposed to high voltage overhead or underground power lines can easily get electrocuted. In many of these cases the victim can be injured fatally. Faulty power tools or leads are also responsible for electrocution injuries as are exposed wires that had been left live.

5. Exertion injuries – Heavy and incorrect lifting can lead to back injuries. In addition to this, all manner of RSI injuries from repetitive work are frequent.

6. Chemical exposure – Some construction sites may be full of hazardous chemical substances. Overexposure to some of them can lead to severe injuries which can only be cured after a long medical treatment.

7. Heavy equipment – Many injuries can be caused by heavy equipment in all manner of ways. Machinery may be faulty or topple over. Carelessness with cranes may also result in many injuries. Forklifts and skid steers are other very common factors that cause accidents.

8. Fire and explosions – They can be easily caused by faulty equipment or dangerous chemicals. Luckily, such accidents are not very common.

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