Divorce | A “How To” for Ladies

Parting with someone you have shared a life with can be stressful. You might be depressed, brought down and sad, but prepare for the worst. Divorces usually get very nasty.
Are you sure? Have you decided? Ok! Let’s get down to it.

Understand Family Law
What you have to do first is understand the family law. No! First, find somebody to talk to. Let it all out, make them confirm that you are making the right decision and then get to the legal stuff.  It is very important to have a straightforward mindset and be confident with your decision.

A divorce can be complicated only if you aren’t prepared. It can either be hell or the remedy you have been craving for. When you are prepared, you can significantly reduce the stress and complication that people rushing into the process often experience. This also means you have to

  • Save money for legal and other professional fees.
  • Open personal checking/savings account.
  • Open new credit cards under your name only.
  • Change beneficiaries on your life insurance policies.
  • Change your will.

Get a Lawyer
Plan ahead and get help from a divorce lawyer so that you can truly make sound decisions and avoid any pitfalls after divorce. Your divorce lawyer is your best friend now.

Do the Paperwork
Collecting the paperwork you will need can be quite overwhelming. So, start ASAP, get a glass of wine and relax. You will need records of names, addresses, account numbers, phone numbers and everything concerning your debts and assets. Also mortgages, bank accounts, loans, credit cards, stocks and bonds, title information and all other paperwork. The purpose of gathering all the information is for you and your lawyer to understand your financial situation– the net worth of everything you have acquired during the marriage. This will help you to find out what is yours while you are divorced. If you have kept an income and expense budget and have the records, bring that too. It can help especially when determining the awarded support.

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