5 Types of Domestic Violence and How to Avoid Them

domestic violence

Domestic violence is a huge trouble that experience people of all races, education levels, and ages. Please try to never ever close your eyes or ears on domestic or any kind of abuse. It is one of the most horrible things. So let us try to stop and avoid domestic violence as much as we can no matter who is the victim of it.

In reality, most cases of domestic violence go unreported. There are many victims who try to justify their abuser’s actions. They tend to convince themselves that the situation will improve. Maybe this is the reason that domestic violence situation frequently escalates.

According to “Office of Women’s Health” more than 5 million women are abused by an intimate partner each year in the United starts of America. I think many of us have heard cases of domestic violence and victims suffering in silence. There are several types of domestic abuse. Today we are going to discuss 5 of them and the ways you can avoid them.

Physical violence

Physical abuse is so far the most common one. This includes hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, or throwing things and other types of physical harassment. Even worse, it can involve injuring, disabling or killing the victim. Physical abuse can be performed with a weapon as well. Forcefully shaking the victim in anger is also a type of physical abuse though he/she may not require medical treatment.

Emotional violence

This is when the partner is always yelling at you, controlling what you do. He/she can also threaten to cause serious problems for you. It can involve actions designed to destroy a person’s sense of self-respect. Emotional violence includes constant criticisms designed to humiliate and belittle the victim.

Mostly it is combined with other forms of abuse in order to gain control over the victim. There are no physical scars. But how debilitating are the emotional scars knows and feels the victim only.

Sexual violence

One of the most horrible types of violence where one of the partners is forcing you to do something sexual you do not want to do. This type of abuse includes rape and sexual assault. It can also involve exposing a partner’s body to friends, forcing a partner into posing for pornography, secretly videotaping a partner while engaging in sex, or forcing a partner to have sex without using protection. Another terrible way of domestic violence is forcing a partner into having an abortion.

When someone who is unable to refuse due to disability, illness, intimidation, etc sexually assaulting is also a case of sexual abuse. There are three main types of sexual violence:

• physical force to compel someone to have sex against their will
• having sex with someone who is unable to understand the nature of the act
• abusive sexual contact

Financial violence

In case of financial violence, the victim does not have any access to financial documents, bank accounts, etc. He/she cannot buy or pay for anything. So the victim is completely in despair. The worst thing about financial abuse is that it is not so easy to recognize sometimes even for the victim himself. Not allowing a spouse to work or get an education is also a form of financial abuse. When the victim is isolated it is more difficult for him/her to have any form of financial freedom.

Physiological violence

Psychological abuse is a way to cause the victim fear and trauma. It can include humiliation, withholding information, isolating the victim from friends and family (very common), controlling what the victim can and cannot do, and embarrassing the victim.

Now lets us discuss how to avoid domestic violence. Below we have some useful tips for you in case you are a victim of abuse.

Signs of domestic violence

The first step is to know the possible signs and indicators of domestic violence. The signs are various. It is not only about physical attacks such as beatings. It can include many other forms of abusive behavior such as emotional abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse too much control, etc. Sadly there are tons of cases when someone who may not seem to be a victim of domestic violence may be suffering in silence. So it is so important to recognize the signs of domestic violence as soon as possible.

Neighbors’ help

Let us say you are the neighbor of a family experiencing domestic violence. Please take the time to ring their bell (even if you are not sure). You could just ask to borrow a cup of sugar or some salt as an excuse. In case you feel that it could get dangerous, it is enough to bring another person with you so there will be more than one witness. So next time when you hear violence happening at your neighbor’s place, please make sure to act.

Suggest help

Let us say you want to support your neighbor, friend, co-worker, classmate, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece or cousin who is facing domestic violence at home. Just make sure to let them know that you will be willing to be a witness. It is so important for them to feel somebody’s support. Another very important thing is to let them know that if they need somewhere to go they are welcome to take refuge in your home. There are many cases when the victims suffer in silence because he/she has nowhere to go.

It is very sad to admit that domestic violence is a growing problem. It affects hundreds of people in all kinds of relationships.  By not trying to prevent abuse we just help this trouble to spread more, we help the abusers to feel stronger and unpunished. Please do not suffer in silence, act. Be aware of your rights. In cases of immediate danger just dial 911. Help those who face this horrible trouble.

Always remember there are no hopeless situations. There is always a solution to any kind of violence happening. You just need to turn to the right people/place that will provide you with freedom. We live only once, so let us try to live a happy life. We wish you good luck.

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