How to find Reputable Lawyers near Me?

reputable lawyers

If you are in legal trouble, your problems will not solve themselves. One thing is certain – you need a lawyer. But how to find the one among many reputable lawyers? It will demand time, devotion and probably will involve a lot of indecision.

So before you start, there are a couple of things to you need to consider before and after your search.

The two essentials

First, if you are after the perfect match you should choose a lawyer who specializes in the area that you need. If you are having problems with the lemon law, make sure you do not hire a general practitioner but focus all your effort on finding a lemon law lawyer. 

Second, consider your location. Laws vary from state to state. So, your issue will likely depend or state or local regulations. Therefore, from all the reputable lawyers you should choose the one who operates in your geographical area.

Having a lawyer who is near to you has practical implications as well. You will not be exhausted by traveling long distance for every appointment. Some lawyers are willing to travel to you, but of course, will charge for it.

Lawyers in your location will also have many good connections, which may have a huge impact on the course of your case.

Personal Referrals

Getting information from your community is a trustworthy way to start. Especially target people who have had the same problem as you do. If the help from your friends and your family is not enough, try seeking out help from groups on social media. When you talk to dozens of people, in the end, you are left with a couple of good choices.

But do not rush to make decisions. Recommendations are subjective and you should always meet the lawyer prior to hiring.

Business Referrals

Again, it is about getting help, only this time from your professional network. If you are interested in business law, ask an insurance agent, a banker or a real estate broker for recommendations. These people deal with lawyers representing clients very frequently.

Lawyer referral services

Before considering this option, be aware, that lawyer referral services have a different operation logic, still, all approved by the bar association.

Some lawyer referral services have strict qualifications which the attorneys on their lists should meet. While others might offer you a list of reputable lawyers in good standing with the state bar or ones who have a liability insurance.

So before deciding to choose a lawyer this way, ask them what qualifications they prioritize when making the referrals.

Lawyer referral services have their downsides too. You may not get a description of lawyers’ personality and their philosophy of practicing law.

Of course, not all lawyer referral services are perfect. You may want to use services which are a part of American Bar Association-sponsored certification program.

Take a look at their website

If attorneys care about their reputation, they will maintain an appealing website and a helpful blog. Particularly search information about a practice area that you need. Maybe, FAQ section will help.

Taking a look at lawyer’s educational background and work history will also help you to make the right decision. Make sure the attorney you chose has from three to five years of experience in the relevant practice area.

Turn to social media to see how your shortlisted lawyers market themselves. Maybe, it will allow you a better glimpse into their personality.

Interviewing your lawyer

After you have a couple of prospects left, the time has come to meet them in person. Here are some factors you need to look out for.


If lawyers have countless successful cases behind their back but you feel uncomfortable around them, you better reconsider your choice.


Ask how soon they can return your communications and see if that suits you. Many clients complain about how rarely accessible their lawyers are.

Yes, lawyers are busy but that does not mean you should go crazy when you have an urgent matter and cannot contact your lawyer right away. In some case, you might hear back from a junior colleague or assistant. So clear that out in advance.


You might feel comfortable with your lawyer but if pricing does not suit you, your client-lawyer relationship will not work. Ask whether the attorney charges an hourly rate or flat fees.

Delivery of legal work

How long will it last to bring your case to an end? The exact numbers are never known but your lawyer can at least give you an estimate by explaining how long similar cases had lasted in the past.

Now you know where to search for reputable lawyers and how to be sure if you have made the right choice.

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