How can an Appearance Lawyer Make a Good First Impression?

appearance lawyer

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Gestures, speech, clothing, etc. create a full appearance for every person especially for an appearance lawyer to make the first impression. There are certain places where leaving a good first impression is a must to ensure further productive work.

 When does the first impression happen?

Every appearance lawyer knows about a court paper called an appearance. This is one of the places where the first impression happens. According to that paper, the lawyer should introduce himself/herself to the Court. Some lawyers prefer to sound kind of medieval, while others are more matter-of-fact.


To sound intelligent, the speech of the first impression should involve citations from relevant rules and regulations. But before that, mind your speech and try to find accurate, just to the point citations.

Document formatting

It is wrong to think that only speaking skills may create a fascinating first impression. As an appearance lawyer, one should acquire writing and many other skills as well. For example, if the lawyer deals with transactional, flat-fee work, i.e. drafting will, he/she should provide reasonable numbering, definitions, etc. Here, we will try to give you good advice how to leave a positive first impression in any situation.

Personal appearance of an appearance lawyer

Your personal appearance as a lawyer is a kind of game changer. The most important features you should pay attention are:

  • Clean body, no bad body odor
  • Smile
  • Eye to eye contact
  • Firm handshake
  • Combed hair
  • Pressed and clean suit
  • Top button-done up
  • A set of other ethic rules

Mind the body language

An appearance attorney should avoid moving around too much. Surely, body language and the tone of voice play a big role to create the first impression. Avoid any movie style gestures like moving dramatically and pointing the finger at any of the participants of the trial, for instance. Try to stay in one position and move only when you have to show some documents or take a paper from the clerk.

Don’t sell your firm

An appearance attorney should leave a good first impression in any place related to his/her job. No client, no job, no attorney. So, it is important to leave a positive impression on the potential client. For that, you need to avoid launching into sales for the firm at the very first moment. Just start discussing the case which the client faces and receive answers for them. You will have time to speak about the background of your company later. Avoid personal broadcasting, just state the facts and situations you dealt with.

Reaching the second meeting

In any job-related meeting, the objective of the appearance lawyer should be reaching the second meeting or a proper first meeting if he/she meets someone in an event. The decision-maker, for example, the potential client, should feel comfortable and believe that he/she can do a business with that very appearance lawyer. To reach this point, the lawyer may offer the target person a magazine with a relevant article about their law firm, or invite to an event, a seminar, etc.

Truthfulness does matter

When getting questions, try to give answers close to the best of your recollection. No lies remain uncovered. Sooner or later the truth will come to the surface and harm not only the case but your reputation as well. As the well-known expression states ”Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” 

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