Optimize your Law Firm’s SMM Strategy with our SMM Guide

SMM guide

Ready to hear about how to market your law firm online? We have developed an up-to-date Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing that you can download on our website. In this SMM Guide, you will learn about the ins and outs of social marketing that is a must-know for any law firm.

No law firm can bypass social media channels today if they want to attract more clients and have a say in the industry. 96% of lawyers surveyed by the Attorney At Work, said they use social media. You just can’t underestimate the value of active blogging and sites like LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter in this digital age.

You may think that SMM is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You go online, post content and customers click on it. It is not like that! It takes a lot of planning and strategy to develop a clickable content. To post a clickable content, you should know about the ins and outs of SMM, especially when it comes to the latest trends.

Find out how to market your law firm online, law firm marketing trends of 2019, Google my Business Listings, how to make Facebook work for you and more in our latest guide that you can download in pdf.  The SMM guide will give you info on how to present the best of yourself on Linkedin, how to run an Instagram account and why to be on Facebook at all.

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