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In this digital age, law firms cannot keep up with the hectic pace if they do not use software to manage their affairs. Most often, these software packages relate to document management, accounting, and teamwork. The market is flooded with different applications, and it is hard to choose the right solution for your law firm. In this article, we will talk about ProLaw, legal practice management, document management and accounting solution for law firms.

Why Choose ProLaw?

One of the reasons you may want to use ProLaw is because you want to automate your legal work. Without automation, you will most probably get behind of the law firms that use the new technology to be productive and accomplish more work in a shorter time. Not only can you automate your work with ProLaw, but also perform multiple tasks in a single software.

One of the advantages that you get in case of choosing ProLaw is that you get to practice/case management, document management and complete accounting in a single software. While it is one of the best solutions for small and mid-sized firms, it can also be applied by larger law firms.

The app comes in two modules: practice management and document management and business and trust accounting. You can purchase either of the modules or both. Your financial team will be happy using the tool when it comes to accurately billing the clients, paying expenses and distributing funds. Your attorneys will soon get used to it and will feel the ease of work especially when it comes to calendar integration with Microsoft outlook. Be sure to have a powerful, multi-server IT infrastructure. It can be hosted in a private cloud or on-premise. The app also integrates with Westlaw and WestlawNext. The software can interface with Outlook so that users have access to email integration.

In addition to time tracking and expense management processes, your attorneys can also use the system to track hours spent on a case remotely. The software allows a sophisticated invoicing system with customization options. You can format the invoices to reflect a flat rate or an hourly rate.

Whatever your choice of technology, ProLaw is definitely one of the best solutions for your law firm. Researching, of course, is good when you try to decide which application to purchase. Before you make your final decision, consider ProLaw as one of the most trusted applications in the market. It will sure help you coordinate the processes, supervise affairs more efficiently and generally keep the whole team on track.

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