Pharmavite Reaches a Consumer Fraud Class Action Settlement

Finally, a $1.9 million class action settlement is already reached in a lawsuit against Pharmavite LLC. The plaintiffs claim that the supplement maker falsely labeled its Nature Made brand glucosamine products. It is true that the litigation process has continued for six years. This case is Lorean Barrera versus Pharmavite LLC.  Customers accused Pharmavite of providing wrong information concerning its supplement TripleFlex. The supplement manufacturer claimed that TripleFlex could result in the improvement of joint health. That’s to say, Pharmavite assured customers that the product ‘’is replenishing the body with key nutrients.” However, there is no scientific backing.

Actually, this supplement contains glucosamine, chondroitin and a sulfur compound.

Pharmavite class action settlement notes that any U.S. resident who purchased these products since May 13, 2007, has the right to get either a cash or product award.
It’s worth to point out that the lead plaintiff is Lorean Barrera. According to the terms of class action settlement, she will get up to $10,000 as an incentive award.

Details concerning Pharmavite class action settlement

According to the class action settlement, Pharmavite doesn’t admit any wrongdoing or damages. However, the supplement maker agrees to the terms of the settlement aimed at avoiding the expense, inconvenience, and disruption of its business operations. Thus, any class member who has a proof of purchase can receive a refund of $25 per bottle of supplements for up to four bottles. In addition to that, those class members who lack the proof of purchase can get a $12.50 refund per bottle for up to four bottles.

The settlement agreement also states that Pharmavite will provide $3.475 million for attorney’s fees. Furthermore, the settlement agreement states that Pharmavite will also do relabeling. In other words, the supplement maker will avoid mentioning that glucosamine or chondroitin can rebuild or renew. Also, Pharmavite doesn’t have to recall or relabel products, which were distributed using old labels. The lead plaintiff Barrera notes that she believes TripleFlex products fail to improve joint health. That’s to say, all the statements mentioned on the TripleFlex packaging concerning the benefits of these products isn’t true.
She also added that considers Pharmavite’s surveys unreliable.

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