Class Action Against Apple: What is the Problem With Powerbeats 3?

class action against Apple

Most of us over some period of time came in terms of having Apple as our favorite brand. Its brand positioning made us trust the brand. And now, most of us run to the nearest Apple Store when we are in need of electronics such as laptop and desktop computers, cellular phones and even multi-function watches. But as always, there is one exception. You all have heard of Apple’s Bluetooth wireless headphones: Powerbeats. Well, the issue is now so big that the question has come to a class action against Apple.

Let’s gaze in. Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats 3 are in theory one of the greatest inventions ever. They are advertised as “gym friendly.” You know, when you wake up at 6 AM, wash your face and get out of the house for the morning freshening run. You want to listen to some motivational or even calming music at the same time. But your regular headphones keep falling off your ears and it is just annoying. So, Apple, being the hero of all, came up with Powerbeats. The ads featuring basketball player Lebron James wearing them while he works out just gives all the confidence we need. But it is not all great.

The Bluetooth Powerbeats 2 was released in June 2014. Its price was $200. And as time went by, a newer and better version came out. Powerbeats 3 was released at the end of October 2016. And here is what the problem is. Customers complain that the headphones are great for the first few months. They work as they should and everyone is happy. And then, they fail. And the charging mechanism does not help to bring the product back to life. The problem is that the headphones get wet because of all the workout sweat. And then they just stop working.

What’s up with Powerbeats 3?

Customers who own the headphones complain that they just shut off. And even when they are recharged for a couple of hours they still don’t work. They argue Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats 3 problems should fall under Apple’s traditional one-year product warranty. Are you familiar with it?

Apple’s one-year limited warranty is supposed to provide protection “against defects in materials and workmanship.” It is supposed to provide protection for one year starting the day of purchase. Under this warranty, Powerbeats 2 and 3 problems should have been dealt with like this: either a full and complete purchase price refund, a no-charge repair of the headphones, or an exchange of the same but new product. So, if you are dealing with this issue, one of the three options are yours. You can either choose to repair it, get your money back or get a brand new pair of Powerbeats.

Leading to class action against Apple

So what happens next? Customers who decided to replace the Bluetooth headphones with a new pair think their problem is solved. So they decide to use them carefully. One would think that avoiding excessive sweat would have been the answer. But unfortunately, regardless of the gentler use of the customers, the same problems arise again.

How many times can a customer buy the product, not be satisfied with it, take it back, get a new one, and have the same problem all over again? The vicious cycle starts to play with the loyalty of Apple’s customers. So a legal investigation is on its way.

There is no lawsuit against Apple right now. However, enough dissatisfied purchases of the Powerbeats line may end up wanting compensation through a class action again Apple.

Currently, Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats 3 problems are under investigation. Can you imagine how unhappy the customers have been that a class action against Apple has been raised? I mean, we all know Apple as the one who takes care of its customers. And we all know Apple as the one who gives tons of importance to brand loyalty. How could it fail on an issue like this?

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