What to Expect from the Wells Fargo Employee Class Action?

Company employees have filed the Wells Fargo employee class action lately. According to it, Wells Fargo Bank has been pressuring its employees into unethical sales practices threatening retaliation against them if they did not cooperate.

Wells Fargo workers claim that the company has made them inflate sales figures by opening new customer accounts that no customers have ever agreed to. Also, according to employees, they had to open accounts for non-existent customers too. In addition, the class action lawsuit alleges that employees who practiced this conduct received rewards. Those who did not agree to do this were usually threatened with termination.

Wells Fargo employee class action claims that the company’s workers had to set up a target of eight accounts per customer. However, as alleged by the class action, this number is far greater than the average industry number which is three accounts per customer. The employees say that these sales goals were not possible to meet without practicing some kind of a fraud.

Thus, the complaint asserts that Wells Fargo has been unlawfully encouraging sales fraud among its employees. Thus it has been trying to increase its stock price by setting unbelievably high sales goals for its workers. Those employees, who have refused to practice this have gone through tough times. The company has warned them, forced them to give up their jobs. Also, some people have been denied promotions due to this.

The plaintiffs are planning to represent a Class that includes all current and former Wells Fargo employees residing in the United States. These individuals should have been subject to these sales goals and should not have been terminated for getting involved in sales misconduct.

The Wells Fargo employee class action has proposed several subclasses too. They are here to represent employees who have suffered hostile attitude. Thie is mainly because they failed to reach the sales goals described above. Also, people who were wrongfully terminated due to the company’s tactics can seek compensation as Class Members.

The award of damages that the plaintiffs are seeking includes two times the amount of back pay for alleged violations of the Dodd-Frank Act. Also, they are seeking to collect treble damages and to get reinstatement for the eligible Class Members.

Attorneys from the Law Offices of Jonathan J. Delshad PC, Schonbrun Seplow Harris & Hoffman LLP, McCracken Stemerman & Holsberry LLP, and Pessah Law Group PC are representing the plaintiffs.

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