ALWAYS Read The Fine Print

Always read the fine print before you sign an agreement. Here is where they usually include information about your rights, responsibilities, fees, warranties and important disclosures. Contracts can be very complex. Usually, they are very dull and consist of many pages, but it is all about the details.They can either protect us or deceive into doing something we haven’t agreed to. To make sure that consumers are not fooled into the spiderweb of fraud, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge about consumer rights and consult an experienced lawyer.  A well aware consumer knows that small details are very important. To make sure you are protected by law, be more attentive, don’t be lazy, go through the fine print, read the contract thoroughly and discuss with an experienced lawyer.

This is what the consumers should know.

The fine print comes with various surprises. Weather good or bad, it is important to know what to expect. Sometimes the whole purpose of the paragraph is to decieve you. Hence, be cautious and when in doubt, contact an experienced lawyer. Occasionally, the fine print might reveal some advantages for the consumer. For example, free extended warranties, memberships to private clubs, discounts on admissions to other private venues.

Insurance doesn’t mean full coverage unless you’ve read the fine print. Your estate insurance, depending on the conditions, may not cover the damage caused by the weather or fire. So be cautious. In some cases, companies disclose their hidden policies only in the fine print.

0% interest sounds very attractive, but this may not last. If you haven’t read the fine print, your credit card company can increase their interest sharply after the first few months.

Free doesn’t always mean free of charge. If you read the fine print of a contract you may find overpriced handling fees and shipping prices. Check your bills regularly to make sure that you are not charged for something you haven’t consented to buy. The companies usually subscribe you to their services even if you agreed to a free trial. In some cases you have to unsubscribe manually.

Warranties for some items like cars and computers may not include the most generic maintenance and repair. So, make sure to read the fine print.

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