Spun Bamboo Clothing Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

In fact, a bamboo product retailer Ecodesignz is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit accuses the retailer of falsely advertising Spun Bamboo clothing as made with bamboo fibers. However, the complaint notes the clothing is made of rayon.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against Ecodesignz is William Cordoba from Florida. He says that the bamboo product retailer assures that its Spun Bamboo clothing contains bamboo, but it’s not true. The reason is that the process during which bamboo fibers become weavable yarn turns them into rayon. Actually, rayon is considered a synthetic textile. The plaintiff also adds that no consumer will prefer rayon to natural bamboo fibers.

In addition to that, Corboda also mentions the bamboo product retailer is advertising that its Spun Bamboo clothing contains 100% bamboo fiber. The defendant is selling its bamboo products through the following websites: BambooClothes.com(clothing and linen) and Ecodesignz.com(furniture).

Further, the suit mentions two ways of making bamboo fibers a sewable textile. The first method is weaving unadulterated bamboo fibers into fabric. Thus, this results in a fabric, known as ‘’bamboo linen’’ or ‘’bamboo fiber’’. Sometimes, this fabric may be referred to as ‘’mechanically processed bamboo’’ as well.

When using the second method, bamboo fiber becomes rayon during a chemical process. This causes the plant fibers to change their nature significantly, as the suit notes. This occurs because during this process a plant source loses cellulose.  The result of the process: rayon has nothing to do with original plant fibers.


The plaintiff notes in his complaint that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took certain steps to prevent improper labeling of rayon, which is a synthetic textile as bamboo. It was in 2009 when the FTC created a business alert. The goal was letting businesses know that they shouldn’t use the name ‘’bamboo’’ to advertise rayon textile fibers.

Additionally, 78 companies received a letter from the FTC, which informed them that when advertising rayon products as bamboo they are breaking the law. It’s essential to note Ecodesignz is also among these companies.

Corboda claims he believed in Ecodesignz’s advertisement that Spun Bamboo clothing contains 100% bamboo. That’s why he decided to buy a pair of Spun Bamboo boxer briefs. This happened in February 2017.

The plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any person who bought products of Ecodesignz through the website: bambooclothes.com. (not for resale) in the U.S.

The lawsuit seeks damages, restitution, and disgorgement of revenue connected with the alleged misconduct. This also includes an order which aims to make Ecodesignz stop its false advertising campaign.


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