Biomet Inc. is Facing a New Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit

A woman from Nevada has filed a lawsuit against Biomet Inc. The suit refers to serious metal hip implant complications. Thus, the plaintiff pointed out that after receiving the metal on metal M2a Magnum hip implant she had to deal with problems concerning the metal hip implant.

Actually, the lawsuit states the manufacturing company didn’t warn customers about its hip implant complications. According to the information provided by the plaintiff, she has experienced left hip replacement surgery. It occurred on June 25, 2007. Then, it was on September 17, 2007, when she experienced right hip replacement surgery.

It’s worth noting that before these M2a Magnum metal hip implants were implanted, the FDA already had reports concerning complications connected with the metal hip. Thus, Biomet Inc. was quite well-aware of this defect. However, the manufacturing company failed to inform the plaintiff, as well as other patients about this problem.

The suit claims that the plaintiff made a decision of using M2a Magnum metal hip implants manufactured by Biomet Inc. believing in the company’s marketing campaign. Well, later she started complaining from metal hip implant complications.

As a consequence, the plaintiff underwent revision surgery on November 23, 2016. The goal was replacing the right metal hip implant. In fact, she is going to undergo another revision surgery of her left hip later on. It’s essential to point out that revision surgery is more dangerous if compared with initial implant surgery. It may cause complications.

What do you know about metal hip implant complications?

The suit also refers to over 350 reports filed with the FDA related to the M2a Magnum Hip System. This means that metal hip complications are among vital problems in the medical community.

Actually, when metal hip implants appeared in the market, a lot of people believed that these hip implants have better quality than both plastic and ceramic hip implants. According to certain marketing materials, metal hip implants are especially suitable for young and active people. Furthermore, according to the advertisement, metal hip implants can help patients lead a quite active lifestyle after undergoing the surgery. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Many doctors and patients mentioned different metal hip complications, like metallosis or blood metal poisoning.

The plaintiff decided to file a lawsuit against Biomet Inc. when she found out that the company was well-aware of all the dangers connected with metal hip implant complications.


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