Corvette Z06 Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

General Motors (GM) is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit claims the automaker’s Corvette Z06 vehicles have a faulty cooling system. This may lead to overheating. As a result, the vehicles may go into ‘’Limp Mode’’. It may occur after less than 15 minutes.

According to the information provided by lead plaintiffs, the carmaker advertised that its Corvette Z06 has ‘’Track proven structure and technologies.’’ However, the suit notes it isn’t true, as this vehicle is unreliable.

In addition to that, the complaint states GM has cheated its customers by selling defective Corvette Z06 vehicles. That’s to say, the automaker was assuring customers that this vehicle is usable for the track, but the truth is that it fails to provide the safety and reliability as the suit says.

The Corvette Z06 class action lawsuit states all the plaintiffs spent from $80000 to $120000 to buy the affected vehicles. They aimed to drive these vehicles at quite high speeds. However, the plaintiffs faced a great disappointment when their cars started to overheat in less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, they point out that driving such a car is full of dangers, as in this case, the vehicle is in Limp Mode on a track surrounded by other racing vehicles.


Additionally, plaintiffs assert Corvette Z06 also comes with a faulty cooling system. As a consequence, vehicle’s engine is damaged.

According to the complaint, GM knew about the problem. Thus, the automaker stopped producing these vehicles and made efforts to repair it. In order to fix this defect, GM used a new hood with larger vents, as well as a new supercharger. However, even a new hood didn’t help the car company achieve success.

The lawsuit accuses GM of shifting its obligation to fix the vehicle’s defect. To achieve this goal the carmaker informed vehicle owners that automatic transmissions are prone to overheating. The plaintiffs claim GM shouldn’t shift its warranty obligations onto vehicle owners. Since Corvette Z06 vehicles need an appropriate cooling system to operate as GM promised, then the automaker should take care of it and make sure that these vehicles perform as advertised.

The lawsuit accuses the automaker of violating Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as state consumer protection laws. The allegations are also over breach of express and implied warranties. The plaintiffs of the proposed lawsuit are seeking to represent a nationwide class of Corvette Z06 vehicle owners of the model year 2015-2017 and various state subclasses.

Here is what the plaintiffs are seeking: damages and a buyback program. It also includes either a recall or a free replacement program, an injunction to suspend the automaker’s marketing, which represents Corvette Z06 as ‘’usable on a track.’’

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