Mears Transportation Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Mears Transportation is facing a class action lawsuit filed by its chauffeurs. The suit accuses the company of misclassifying them as independent contractors instead of employees. It refers to 40 luxury car chauffeurs who work or used to work for the company. In addition to that, the suit claims that Mears Transportation didn’t compensate its workers for at least $50 million. This includes the following: unpaid overtime, as well as employment taxes and other ordinary business expenses.

The plaintiffs mention in their complaints that the company required them to have their employee handbooks intended for the company’s luxury chauffeurs.

Drivers also used the company’s business cards with logo and address. Furthermore, they were wearing their uniforms, having name tags with the company’s logo. Moreover, the plaintiffs say they were driving the company’s vehicles which had the appropriate insurance and were fueled.

The complaint notes that there were also other requirements for the luxury vehicle chauffeurs.  Among these requirements were: going through the hiring and employment process as other employees of the Mears Transportation. In other words, drivers had to submit an employment application and pass the interview stage. Finally, they also participated in the training that was obligatory for employees, as the suit asserts.

The plaintiffs also point out that they paid the company a certain amount of money for driving their vehicles and serving their clients during shifts that the company decided.

They also added that Mears Transportation forbids them to have their own copies of the contracts. Also, they didn’t have the permission of removing their contracts from the company’s premises.

The Plaintiffs seek the following: federal certification of their class action, receiving the same amount of money, as the company’s van and motorcoach drivers.

About Mears Transportation

Mears is one of the successful companies in the transportation industry, which offers quality service to its clients. Today the company is operating 70 shuttle vans, about 220 motor coaches, and 300 luxury vehicles. The luxury vehicles include sedans, vans, SUVs, as well as limousines. The foundation of the company goes back to 1939 when Paul Mears purchased three taxicabs and started running his own business. It is worth noting that this business was based on the idea of providing great service.

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