Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Face Class Action Lawsuit

class action lawsuit

British and US lawyers launched a joint class action lawsuit against Facebook and three other companies for mishandling the personal data of more than 71 million people.
The suit claims that the companies obtained the user’s private data to develop ‘’political propaganda campaigns” in the UK and US. The data was allegedly used to sway both the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit campaign. All the four companies denied any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit has been lodged in Delaware, where the three of accused companies Facebook, SCL and Cambridge Analytica are incorporated. Seven individual plaintiffs, five Americans and two Brits, are named in the writ. The number of plaintiffs may increase as the case proceeds.

Jason McCue, the senior and a founding Partner of McCue & Partners, is leading the UK arm of the claim. McCue & Partners is a UK based company specialising in data privacy and human rights law.

“This case is about ordinary, everyday people taking a stand and holding big business to account for violating their privacy,” McCue told The Sun.

US lawyers are sure that the legislation will provide for a minimum of $1000 penalty for any violation found by the court. If Facebook loses the case it could face damages in excess of $70bn.

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