Law Firms Use Asana to Manage Team Work


Asana has recently become one of the most favorite tools for lawyers. Individual freelancers and law firms are fascinated by easy task management, calendar creation, task tracking, and many other features the tool offers. Here are some of the features you can apply when using Asana.


Easy Freelance Work

The first thing to mention about this tool is that it allows working with a group of people outside the company. It is an excellent tool for contract lawyers if you are sending them a lot of work. If your team is small enough, you can use a free version of Asana for groups of up to 15 people. Asana costs $9.99 per user per month if you pay annually. It costs a bit more if billed monthly.

If you think of the facilities and office space saved when contracting out lawyers, Asana becomes an invaluable asset. You can share the project with people outside the company, and they will always have access to your internal projects. You can assign projects to specific people, and they can move the assignment to a different person after they complete the task.


Task Assignment

All is done almost instantly. No more hassle with phone calls and unnecessary deliberations. You can assign the task to someone mentioning the deadline, instructions and including attachments. The person will receive an email and mobile notification. Once they complete the task, they can re-assign it to someone else or mark it as complete.



Asana is a useful tool for managers. They can search for work and view progress at any time. They can also view project-specific information. Besides, managers are able to create progress reports on how things really stand and convey this information to internal users.


Multistep processes

You can use this tool for multistep processes meaning for projects that have more than one responsible persons. The law firm manager can save a project as a template, and multiple persons can repeatedly work on that project.


Custom Fields

You can track parameters unique to the project. You can create custom fields. These fields appear as columns in the projects. For example, if a project has two important dates, you can create a custom field for an earlier date and a due date.

These and some of the other features of Asana make it one of the best tools available in the market that fits a lawyer’s job. It makes the life of lawyers a lot easier and the team management a lot more efficient.

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