GoodReader – Must Have for Lawyers and Law Firms


A lot of attorneys use GoodReader in their daily work. GoodReader was the #1 selling non-Apple app for iPad in 2010. Since then it has continuously updated the app making it one of the favorite tools of the attorneys.


Why do lawyers use GoodReader?

File management: Perhaps one of the most important features of this tool is file management. The tool allows lawyers to read, annotate, edit and sign PDF documents. They can also “flatten” PDF annotations making sure that they won’t be edited later They can view the files in any application that uses PDFs.

Reads the large volume of files: Lawyers often have to deal with massive volumes of files. The app has super-robust PDF reading engine, and you can open and read even the largest PDF files. One of the helpful features is that you can insert, delete or rotate pages or you can split and merge PDFs. These manipulations allow lawyers to work with the data easily which is a big help when dealing with massive data.

Maintains files on servers and folders: When dealing with legal data, lawyers need a safe and secure transfer of data to servers and folders. GoodReader allows lawyers to copy, name, rename files and folders. They can also auto-sync folders to remote servers.

Accesses to servers: Attorneys can work with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, AFP or SMB servers.

Signs documents: In legal work, this feature is a must. GoodReader allows access to paperless management of documents. You can draw with a finger, highlight and markup text and sign documents. The last feature saves a lot of headaches for the legal professionals allowing them to do routine work in literally minutes.

Replaces paper files: Gone are the days when lawyers used piles of paper documents and had mounts of paper on their desk. GoodReader replaces paper files. You can store all electronic information on your server and protect it with a firewall. Every time you access that server, the GoodReader account syncs the data on the server.

In short, GoodReader is a tool for lawyers of the 21st century. No more hassle with piles of documents. Do it the way every lawyer does who cares about the time and nerves in the new world of legal business.

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