From Uber Driver to Legal Tech CEO: the Story of Lexicata


Today’s story is about Lexicata, a cloud-based CRM and client intake system for law firms and its SEO Michael Chasin who made an extraordinary journey from Uber Driver to CEO of a big legal tech company.

The app is the most popular legal client intake and client relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. Law firms maximize their efficiency through excellent features of the app, like intake forms, document automation and e-signature, CRM and contact management, workflow management, email campaign, and automation, report and analytics. These features help law firms boost their productivity and generate more income in less time.


The Story of Lexicata

The company was co-founded by Michael Chasin who accomplished to build one of the best tools lawyers use today. He did that only after a couple of awkward attempts to do business. Mickael opened a shop for selling iPhone games and apps. He had been working at a business consulting firm, and he was even driving Uber before he started the company.

The story of the app is a story of a venture that started with little hope but gave astonishing results. It was launched with the idea “nobody’s going to buy this crap” and continued with an amazing revenue generation for legal firms. When they originally started, they thought the app would generate income barely enough to cover the expenses for their original business. Things got more serious when one of  their lawyers said: “I started using your software, and I doubled my revenue in two months.” That was a breaking line for the business, and it continued to bring more and more revenue.


Clio Acquires Lexicata

In October 2018 Clio announced its acquisition of Lexicata. This acquisition is a major step in the legal industry. The two companies have long been working together and had a lot of common clients. While this acquisition enlarges the capacities of Clio as a client-centered and firm-focused product suite, Lexicata will develop into more client engagement platform called Clio Grow. The venture will launch in 2019.

“The founders of Lexicata and I have always shared a passion for creating transformative technologies that will move the industry of law forward,” said Jack Newton, CEO, and Co-founder of Clio. “To that end, we are excited to welcome Lexicata into the Clio family as we build the next frontier of legal technology.”


Figure Out Why You Failed and Never Do It Again

And for beginner entrepreneurs, here is what Michael Chasin has to say, “Just don’t wait, because the only way you’re going to learn and figure out how to run your own business is by doing it, and the only way to get a crash course is by failing sometimes, and you’re going to fail, and that’s fine. Your goal is just to succeed more than you fail. And when you do fail, really understand why. I think a lot of people try to ignore their failures because it makes them feel bad. But I think the true strength of a real entrepreneur is figuring out why you failed and never doing it again or leveraging it into success.”

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