Audi is Hit With a Class Action Lawsuit for Defective Engines That Burn Oil

According to the latest lawsuit filed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse Downtown Los Angeles today, over 5 million Audi vehicles have an inherently defective engine design. As a result of the defective engines certain Audi models burn too much oil. Many Audi owners have to top off their oil levels as often as every other week. While it may not seam much, but the problem goes beyond the fact that a bottle of oil can cost you around $10.

The problem is the inconvenience and the harm that the low engine oil level will do to your car. Besides degrading important parts of the engine, a low oil level can create dangerous conditions for the driver, the passengers and all those on the road. Degraded engine parts reduce the life of the engine and creating dangerous driving conditions can turn a fun summer trip into a tragic one within seconds.

If you have an audi vehicle, keep a close eye on your oil level and continue monitoring this blog and the page of the law office that has filed the lawsuit. Audi dealerships are aware of this problem and have an expedited way of topping of your oil and getting you back on the road again. (You do have to go to the parts department and pay for your own oil.)

The prominent California lemon law and dealer fraud law firm of Hovanes Margarian is the entity leading this class action law suit.


The complete list of affected models of Audi will be posted soon.

This case was settled with the final court approval in November of 2015. All Audi owners in the class should have received information about the settlement.



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  1. I knew it!!! My Dealership should tell me that it’s my fault…
    Bastards… I have been changing my oil more often that every other week… I want my money back!!!

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