Tesla Model S Receives Perfect Safety Score

With strong pre-sale numbers Tesla Model-S was a promising new Green vehicle only several years ago. With a strong launch and great sales Tesla is quickly becoming one of the best, or probably THE best zero-emission vehicle. The recent Consumer Reports review and score affirms that the company is on the right path to a successful future.

Earning the highest score given by the consumer review company, the Model-S receives a whooping 99 out of 100 possible. The next closest direct-competitor of the vehicle is the gas powered Porsche Panamera scoring 84 out of 100 points. With great design and technology offerings the vehicle is the most desirable luxury electric vehicle.

Source: Consumer Report Magazine:  

The Tesla rivets your attention from the start. Simply touching the flush aluminum door handles causes them to slide outward, welcoming you inside. With the car-shaped fob in your pocket or purse, a tap of the brake pedal brings the Model S to life. There’s no need to insert a key or press a button. You’re immediately greeted by the glow of a huge 17-inch video display that dominates the center of the dash and allows you to control everything, such as adjusting the suspension’s ride height and setting up a new Slacker Radio channel. And as you dip into the throttle, you experience a silent yet potent surge of power that will make many sports cars weep with envy.

With its hefty 85-kWh lithium-ion battery, our Tesla is easily the most practical electric car we’ve tested. Though the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf can go about 80 and 75 miles, respectively, before needing a charge, our Model S has been giving us around 200 miles: ample for commuting, running plenty of errands, and still being able to take the long, winding way home.

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