Bugatti’s Belt Buckle Costs As Much As a Porsche Carrere 911

Will you going to believe with the fact if we would say that Bugatti’s Belt Buckle will going to cost with the same amount as much as the Porsche Carrera 911? Well if not then you have to believe with this fact because it is actually true! Here we would like to mention for the readers that Bugatti’s Belt Buckle is known as being one of the most famous and one of the most wanted sports cars made by man.

Its cost is so far found to be same in price as the Model Carrera 911. Hence just like the name itself the car is even interesting looking as well. Blet Buckle doesn’t come with the involvement of the belt as well as it is just the buckle of the car that has been set with the cost of US $ 84,000. On the other side if we look at the price of Porsche Carrera 911 it is almost US $ 84,200 as just the difference of two dollars is coming in between it.


  1. This car has been all designed by Roland Iten.
  2. In this car special and unique technology based belt has been used that is similar with the one that is used inside the Swiss Watches.
  3. The buckle has been itself installed with the titanium and rose gold that is all offered with the intricate form of design.
  4. There are almost 100 components that are availed in making this Bugatti’s Belt Buckle.
  5. Bugatti’s Belt Buckle is a sports car that has been all entitled with the honor of being the “World’s Fastest Production Car”.
  6. The cost of Bugatti’s Belt Buckle is almost $84,000 USD. Well in this one single price we can easily get hold over the stunning 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV, most wanted Porsche 911 Carrera, an awesome 2014 Jaguar XK and wide range of other sports cars as well.

As we mentioned in the beginning that this sports car has been all designed by Roland Iten but he was all inspired after catching Bugatti Supercar. But after designing the Bugatti Belt Buckle he made his own creative additions that were surrounded by the belt as well. He made the best use of swiss watches belts for offering the stylishness and classiness in the sportscar. Apart from Bugatti’s Belt Buckle, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet was even one of the perfect pictures of creativity and artistic mind.


Bugatti’s Belt Buckle has been all made from the materials of rose gold and titanium. Some of its parts even feature out with the white gold as well instead of rose. It even highlights fabulous sapphire crystals and almost 100 handcrafted working parts too. In the very beginning its market price was $100,000 USD.

We are sure that you must have enjoyed and get knowledge reading about Bugatti’s Belt Buckle! Now if it’s your dream car then what is you waiting for? If you think it’s affordable for you then grab it right now.


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