Buying Motorcycle Insurance as a University Student

Student life is one of complete freedom with very little money. Thus, it’s no wonder why so many choose to purchase a motorbike for their daily commute to university or college. With a motorcycle, you have rapid access to basically anywhere in the city without having to spend a lot of money on fuel. While saving cash is your goal here, it’s also important to insure the vehicle too as spending a little money on premiums can save you financially later on.

Seek Out Student Discounts

The good news is that those currently studying may not even have to pay the full rate for insurance. Some providers offer special deals for those at university and we’d recommend that you do your research and compare the different policies available. These lower premiums may be gained by:

  • Studying at certain institutions
  • Maintaining a certain grade level

Simply put, if you can show that you are at a reputable school and have a focus on your marks, your chosen insurer may choose to discount your yearly premiums. This is the perfect solution for the average student as you gain the right type of protection without dipping too much into the little available money that you do have.

Keep a Clean Riding Record

Any insurance company will also look at your history before deciding to give you coverage or not. Because of this, make sure that you have a clean slate before making the application. If you have committed any of the following offences, you may be rejected when it comes to comprehensive insurance:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless riding
  • Passing a red light
  • Riding intoxicated

On the other hand, if you haven’t been pulled over for anything during your time on the road, you should have no trouble getting some decent bike insurance so you can ride to and from university safely and confidently. Let your background present a picture of a stable, aware rider so that the insurer will happily protect your finances later on.

Obey the Local Laws

Finally, it may also be compulsory to get some insurance for your motorcycle while out riding. Whether you own a small scooter or a sports bike, you cannot ride it to your university in certain regions without having third party coverage at least. Since you’re a student, you’ll want to reduce the premiums as much as possible and also protect your assets as well.

To do this, you should take out some comprehensive cover rather than just a basic third party plan. In this way, you will comply with local laws about vehicular insurance while making sure that all costs will be looked after if your bike is stolen or you have an accident. You will need a valid licence to apply for motorcycle insurance too so we’d recommend that you at least go for the riding test so that you can remain within the law in this way as well. Get all of the proper paperwork and find the right type of coverage so that you avoid illegal actions and stay protected while on the road.

This short guide shows you precisely what to think about when it comes to taking out motorbike insurance as a student. If you are still riding around without it, you should talk to a provider of bike coverage as soon as you can. Not only will you add a safety net if something occurs in the future but you will also remain compliant with local laws. The premiums that you pay will hopefully be within your student budget as well! This is merely a question of affordable protection after all.

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