Common Types of Civil Court Cases

Civil court cases include legal disputes between two or more parties. A civil lawsuit complaint involves a description on the plaintiff’s injury, presents how the injury was caused and asks the court about the compensation.

There are different types of civil court cases which are thoroughly presented below:

  • Small claims cases;
  • Family law cases;
  • General civil cases;
  • Probate cases;
  • Landlord/ tenant cases;
  • Juvenile cases;
  • Other cases like abuse and harassment, eviction and housing, seniors and conservatorship, name change, traffic, lawsuits rose from every day interactions and many others.

Now let’s discuss each type one by one.

Small claims cases include lawsuits between individuals or companies for $10,000 or less. In these cases litigants are not allowed to have a lawyer.

Family law cases are about divorce or separation, child support, child custody and adoptions, parenting time, parentage/paternity and related lawsuits.

General civil cases enclose disputes over things like contracts, damage to property, etc.

Probate cases are mainly about seniors and conservatorship, people who cannot take care of themselves or handle some issues.

Landlord / tenant cases are the cases when a landlord tries to evict a tenant from a rental property or a tenant who has moved out is trying to get his security deposit back.

Juvenile cases involve lawsuits related to the children under the age of 18. They are separated into juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency. The category of juvenile delinquency is for minors who have broken a criminal law. The next one, which is juvenile dependency, is for children who have been removed from the home and care of their parents.

Abuse, harassment or violence involves domestic violence, workplace violence, elder and dependent adult abuse, civil harassment, etc.

Traffic violations are a way of breaking the law for which people cannot be imprisoned. This is the main reason for which traffic violations are considered civil but criminal. As the number of traffic violations is so high, the number of civil court cases dominates over the criminal cases.

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