Class Action Litigation Explained

Mass consumer fraud by large or small companies alike can go by unnoticed and unpunished. Sometimes consumers are not aware of legal remedies available to them or they approach attorneys who view each incident as a separate case and never look at the big picture. If a consumer is defrauded and lost a relatively small amount ranging from $200 to even $20,000, many attorneys may recommend that litigation costs may exceed possible recovery and advise the consumers not to take actions at all.

However, if the fraud committed is a common practice for the business in question or if a large enough group was affected by it, a class action cab be a reasonable solution for a consumer even if she lost only $400. When one looks at the “fraud” and how it affected, let’s say, 5000 people, it become clear that $200,000 collective loss is with while fighting for.

Class action attorneys have enough experience to represent a large group, a class, or defrauded consumers who otherwise may not have any feasible means to recoup their losses as individuals. So if you have a potential claim, make sure you talk to an attorney who has litigated cases through regular trials as well as large scale class actions.

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