How To Prepare A Will

By writing a will you make sure that your assets are distributed properly after your death.
Planning your death is not an easy business. Consumer Law Magazine has put together a list of things to do, to go through this legal process with ease.

N1: The first step to writing a will is facing your own mortality. As much as we have tried to avoid this topic, the time has come. Only after, you can get down to the paperwork.

N2: Look back, identify everything that is worth a decent amount of money. Because nobody needs your cats. You simply don’t want your relatives cursing you after your death, or maybe you do.

N3: Don’t let this be a surprise. Sit your children and spouse down and talk it all out. They will first try to fight it, denying your efforts to complete the 1st step. Next, they will realize how profitable your death can be.

N4: Be as specific as you can in assigning the beneficiaries and how to handle your property. Your funeral will already be a big fuss. If you have 3 Georges in your family, you do wanna be specific to who you’re leaving the stamp collection.

N5: You have to contact a lawyer to make sure everything is done right. A will is a complex legal document that needs to meet various statutory requirements. Only an experienced attorney can make sure that all your desires will be upheld when you perish.

N6: Have fun with it! Include a few personal notes on how you are going to come back and haunt them. It is completely legal. Do it!

N7: Notarize your will to prevent later complications.

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